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Historical Stories on Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is not a festival that is marked by pomp and glory or light and action. There are several historical stories on Rakhi which pertain to this statement. Rakhi is a celebration of pure love, trust, loyalty and deep emotional bond shared between a brother and sister. The thread of Rakhi is like an ornament of Promise and Trust tied around the wrist of brother For it is an oath to protect their sisters. The protection is not only from the Dark Lords of Evil and against all perils, but an oath to protect their sisters from all physical as well as spiritual menaces. By tying this Rakhi, sisters too take an oath of caring and protecting their beloved brothers from every hazard of nature and the world.
History stands witness to several stories of this true emotional bond. The legends of Rakhi tell the tales of great personalities across heaven and earth protecting their brother and sister from the forces of darkness. Right from Goddess Lakshmi to King Alexander, all historical and mythical characters have bowed to honor this thread of love. Some stories are true, and some stored in the annals of our ancient heritage. But nonetheless, these stories speak volumes of the love shared by a brother sister. The bond of Rakhi holds true not only for siblings who are attached by blood relationship but also for those siblings who are attached by the emotional relationship.

In an attempt to honor this bond of love, we present some famous brother sister stories etched in the leaves of history and mythology. These stories tell us how loyal and dedicated were these siblings to each other. While some spared the lives of their brother-in-laws others changed the scenario of the world by spreading the message of Rakhi. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore used Raksha Bandhan as a community festival to spread the nationalist spirit among people from different ethnic backgrounds. Thus siblings or not, the spirit of the thread of brotherhood and chaste love extends far beyond the biological association.

Enlighten your sibling by reading out the historical stories on Rakhi this Raksha Bandhan.
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