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Indra and Indrani

There is no reliable evidence of when did the festival of Raksha Bandhan actually start. But several Hindu priests and scholars believe that the festival first originated because the heavenly pair of Indra and Indrani (husband-wife). The thread of Rakhi is filled with chaste love and therefore bears the immense power of protecting the loved ones. Rakhi is not just a bond but an everlasting oath to protect the siblings from all perils of the universe. Enlighten your sibling with the heavenly story of how the colored chord of love tied by Indrani (Sachi) helped Indra win the fierce battle.
According to the Rig Veda, Asura Vritra (Enveloper) an extremely powerful demon whose chief enemy was Indra. Vritra was created by Tvashtri to avenge Indra's murder of his son, Trisiras, a pious Brahmin whose increase of power worried Indra. There ensued a fierce battle between the two. Vritra received an upper edge when he successfully occupied the whole of the earth. But things worsened when Vritra entered all the five senses of Indra (Indriyas) Principle of Earth (sense of smell), Principle of Water (object of taste), Principle of Fire (object of sight), Principle of Air (objects of touch), and finally Principle of Ether. Indra pursued Vritra every where with his Vajra-ashtra. In order to escape from Vajra, Vritra overpowered Indra from all sides and swallowed him. The other Gods were afraid at the loss of their king, and they conceived a plan to free him. They forced the Ashura to gag, and when he did, Indra sprang forth again and the battle continued. But Indra was still no match for his foe, and was compelled to flee.

Indra called for all the Gurus and Devas in his court for advice. On the behest of Guru Vrihaspati, Indra's wife Indrani (Sachi) was asked to tie a thread around her husband's wrist to ensure his victory in the upcoming duel. The next day was the full moon night of the month of Shravana. The charm was prepared as prescribed by the sacred texts and Indrani tied it on the wrist of her husband. And no sooner did Indra appear on the battlefield with the charm on his hand than the demons scattered and fled. The demons bit the dust and the gods were victorious.

It seems that Raksha Bandhan of today has been derived from this belief. It is held that if a chord made according to the prescriptions of the holy texts is tied by the sister around the wrist of her brother on the full moon day in the month of Shravana it will ensure him good health, success and happiness for the year that follows.

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