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Rani Karnawati and Humayun

Rakhi is not a new phenomena. Its origin can be traced in documented history of medieval era. This is the eternal story of Rani Karnawati and Humayun. Their story touches the heart of zillions and is an emblem of pure brother sister love. Rakhi is just not a thread but a tie of emotional bond between a brother and sister.

This story traces back to 1535 AD, during the reign of Mughals. Rakhi was an established festival by then and a spiritual symbol associated with the protection of a sister. At that time, the Rajputs were facing the threat of an invasion from the Mughals. Chittor, a Rajput state was ruled by the widow queen Rani Karnawati. She realized that the Mughals were immensely powerful and her state would never survive the onslaught of war. She send a Rakhi to Humayun as a toke of love from a sister.
Humayun was aware of this Hindu tradition. Normally he wouldn't have pardoned anyone, but her gesture of love touched him. He immediately stopped his troops and asked them to return. He also swore that may what happen he will protect his new sister under any circumstances.

Another version of the same story states that Rani Karnawati sent a Rakhi to Humayun when she realized that her state was facing an invasion from the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadurshah. Humayun was touched by this gesture and swore to protect his sister. Humayun reached Chittor with his army to protect Karnawati. But unfortunately, by that time, all the Rajput women had already killed themselves by committing mass suicide (sati) to save their honour.

Rakhi is a bond of eternal love, faith, trust and loyalty between a brother sister. The story of Rani Karnawati and Humanyun is an example of such a tremendous bond. Humayun was extremely hurt to know that he could not save his sister. Rakhi is a bond of everlasting love. No matter what, a brother always protects his sister from all evils.

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