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Kinds of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that is celebrated all across the Hindu Community in the month of August on the auspicious day of Shravana Purnima with immense enthusiasm. Rakhi tying ceremony is the integral part of the Raksha Bandhan rituals.

The tradition of tying Rakhi was started in Pauranik Yuga where Indrani tied sacred thread on the wrist of her husband Indra in order to assure his wellbeing while he combated with Vritra, who was the king of Asuras.

Since then, eras changed and with passage of time the sacred thread of Rakhi has donned an altogether new Avatar. Markets, malls and stalls are brimming with Rakhis of all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and types.

You will get Rakhi in any kind of stuff nowadays. There is a wide motley available in Silk Rakhis, Resham Rakhis, Stuffed toy Rakhis, Plastic toon's Rakhi, Tissue Cloth Rakhi, Musical Rakhis, Beaded Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Rakhi Threads, Rakhis Bracelets, Stone Rakhis, Handmade Rakhis, Divinity Rakhis and many more to choose from.

You can select Rakhi according to the age of your brother and keeping in mind his liking. You won't fall short of options. Silk Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Stone Rakhis, Rakhi Bracelets, Divinity Rakhi and Beaded Rakhis all belong to the same category in terms of their cost. You will get then in around US $1 to US $5. They are the traditional form of Rakhis as sisters of Raja-Maharajas of early times used to tie such Rakhis on their wrists.

Bracelet Rakhis are basically jewelry Rakhis, which come in gold, silver, platinum, brass or other jewelry metals. Their range depend upon the material it is made up of. A gold Rakhi Bracelet may cost you from US $13 ti US $25. You can also go for gold plated Rakhi Bracelets if you have settled down on a lower budget. Silver Rakhis will cost you between the price range of US $10 to US $20. Again you have an option of silver plated Bracelet Rakhis. The cost of platinum is clearly reflected in the Platinum Bracelet Rakhis. They are costlier than Silver and Gold Rakhis.

Now that we have discussed all about Rakhis for men, let's take a glimpse at what's trendy in the kid's world when it comes to Rakhis. Cartoon Rakhis and cute Musical Rakhis are mostly preferred by little ones. Rakhi for kids can be sent by spending between US $ 3 to Us $ 5. let them dance in excitement on getting this funky Rakhis on the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

For more specific and elaborate information on the kinds of Rakhis keep browsing through the pages of this category.
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