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Traditional Rakhis

Traditionally, mauli or kalawa was tied by the girls to their brothers. But, with changing times trends changed too. Today, Traditional Rakhis certainly exist but too they too have got a fancy look. Rakhi threads, Rakhi with Rudraksha, Rakhis with images of Deities and many more come under the category of Traditional Rakhis.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the pious relationship of brother and sister. The present time has witnessed a liberal attitude in the family ties. The relationship between brothers and sisters has fallen into a new mold. Yet, the essence of their loving relationship is the same. Thus, many girls prefer tying a traditional Rakhi as it adds to the ethnicity to the celebrations.

Religious Rakhis too in other terms are Traditional Rakhis. These Rakhis contain images of almost all the deities beautifully placed on the decorated pieces of silk threads. You can pick the Rakhi that contains the image of your favorite Deity. These Rakhis are very genuine in cost as they come within the price range of US $2 top US $5. Traditionally, Flower is a very auspicious sign. Therefore, Floral Rakhis are liked by women. Colorful flowers surrounded with glitters, sequins and sparkles come within US $1 to US $5. There are also Rakhis with big flashy flowers that attract kids.

Sandalwood is an essential item of puja thali while offering prayers to Deity in the Hindu community. It is pure as well as sacred. Moreover, it adds to the atmosphere the aura of divinity. Thus, it is used in making Rakhis too. The unavailability of Sandalwood is reflected in the products made by it. Thus, Sandalwood Rakhis may cost you a bit more. The pricerange of Sandalwood Rakhis is between US $3 to US $7 depending upon the design.

Thread is the most traditional form of Rakhis. But, they too have got a make-over. Stones or other small beaded are weaved along with the bundle of silk threads which beautify the threads. These Rakhi threads are very reasonable and will cost you not more US $5.

The inexpensive range of traditional Rakhis makes them all the more a viable option. Also, Traditional Rakhis make us remember of the good old times and gives the celebrations a more traditional touch.

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