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Floral Rakhi

Sometimes, flowers are used as an offering to God while performing Rakhi puja (prayer) rituals and sometimes, they are showered to give blessings and good wishes according to Indian customs and traditions. Whatever be the reason, flowers have always been associated with auspiciousness as it is believed that they impart positive vibes.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan, when is touched by the beauty of flowers catch a new flavor altogether. Flowers added in the Rakhi adds to it's divine charisma. Rakhi is the emblem of bond of adulation between siblings of opposite gender. It not only glorifies their adoration for each other but strengthens it further.
Flowers give an ethnic look to Rakhis. Earlier, Rakhis with big flowers in flashy colors was widely loved by people of all classes in India. But nowadays everything comes in sleek and comparatively sober colors. Same goes for Floral Rakhis.

Fancy Rakhis adorned with tissue flowers, embellished with various kinds of stones and imparting sweet floral fragrance are quite in rage. The cost of floral Rakhis vary according to the stones bedecked in it. If there are only sequins, glitters and sparkles, the Floral Rakhi will cost you from US $1 to US $5. And if it consists of semi-precious stones, the cost range raises to US $15 to US $20.

Not only you can buy it from the shops but you can also make at your home. To make a floral Rakhi follow the aforementioned method :

Method to make a floral Rakhi-
Take a bunch of silk threads long enough to be tied around a male wrist and bead them into your desired pattern. Now the decorative piece to be fixed in the middle, collect the following items - 1.Small colorful flowers, 2-3.
2.Stones of your choice.
3.A sponge for base.
4.Hard tissue cloth for a colorful base, 2-3
Take two different colors of tissue cloth and fix them with the glue keeping the sponge in between them. Now paste the flowers in your desired pattern and decorate it with adding the stones. Keep the Rakhi to dry for two- three hours.

Place this decorative piece in the middle of the beaded silk threads and a beautiful Rakhi for your dear brother is ready.

Follow this simple technique and make a Floral Rakhi on your own. Your brother will be delighted to see your dedication and love for him.

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