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Rakhi Poem

The festival of Raksha Bandhan stands for the bond of protection through which a brother is attached to his sister. It glorifies the chaste love that blossomed in the hearts of brothers and sisters for each other while spent their childhood together. On the fortunate day of Shravana Purnima (Full Moon Day), the festival is celebrated with great fervor in India as well as by people of Indian origin living outside India.

The relationship of brothers and sisters is very peculiar in it's own way. Sometimes they fight over small issues and sometimes they pamper each other by showering on them unlimited love.
Raksha Bandhan is also the festival when loved ones, especially brothers and sisters exchange gifts as token of their eternal love. But these gifts do not have any voice, neither do they have the power of words. On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, you can surprise your darling brother or sister by dedicating a beautiful piece of poetry along with those gifts you are giving. A poem is the perfect way of expressing your love and affection to them. We have come up with an assortment of sibling poetry that you can present to your brother or sister as a gift.

My Sister and Me
We laugh,
we cry,
we make time fly.
Best friends are we
my sister and me.

Not only the day celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters, but it is a symbol of family threads that are as strong and powered with love as the sacred Rakhi is. Following is the poem that embodies the same theme.

Growing up as kids we were blessed
To have come from a loving home
Parents that guided and loved us
And never did us wrong.

We had a beautiful childhood
Many memories we all hold
We've always had that sibling bond
That's more precious than gold.

Mom and Dad had it hard
Raising six kids way back then
But we never went hungry or unclothed
And their love was Heaven sent.

I'm thankful that we were loved
Something money could never buy
This was the richness that filled our hearts
Because Mom and Dad always tried.

Now as I'm getting older
I've learnt to appreciate things much more
I'm thankful we loved each other
And each one of you I adore.

Today I want to say to each of you
I Love You with my whole heart
I'll Love You beyond this lifetime
And my love will never stop.
Ann Stareyes

Choose from these poems and make your sibling feel all the more special. If you have a flare in poetic language, then pen down your feelings and present it to your brother or sister. They would surely be delighted to get this unique Rakhi gift and obviously the most precious one.

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