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Rakhi Shopping

With so much of enthusiasm for the festival of Raksha Bandhan, which falls on the auspicious eve of Shravana Purnima, the Rakhi shopping knows no limits. It starts much before the advent of the holy day. Shopping malls, pavements stalls, general stores etc are all flooding with Rakhis of various kinds.

There are big Rakhis, small Rakhis, Flashy Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Zari ones, Beaded Rakhis, Stone Rakhis, cartoon Rakhis etc.. Probably, this list has no end. But, sisters should select the Rakhi keeping in mind their brother's interest and their age. .
While shopping for the Rakhis of your kid brothers, you should go either for cartoon Rakhis, musical Rakhis or other flashy Rakhis that would make your little brother say Wow !!! . There is a wide variety of cartoon Rakhis available in the market. Famous cartoon characters like Superman, Spiderman, Nemo, Shrek, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tweety etc. are in rage among the cartoon Rakhis. With the Harry Potter mania on it's peak, the Rakhis based on the theme of Potter are one of the most loved by children.

For kids, musical Rakhis too can be chosen as their innocent minds find the melodious tunes coming out of a Rakhi quite unusual. The tunes are, generally, incorporated in some cartoon Rakhis too. Flashy Rakhis, on the other hand, are big round ones decorated with different colors of glitters, sequins and sparkles. Such Rakhis too are loved by many kids. Sending a Rakhi abroad to your kid brother can cost you between US $3 to US $100. You can choose your range and can spend according to your pocket.

For boys, bracelet Rakhi is the most suitable one. The bracelet Rakhis are further divided into various types. They can be gold, silver, platinum or other metal bracelets. Such Rakhis go along with the personality of youths as they are more trendy in looks. If you wish to choose a more sober variety, then you can go for Sandalwood or Zari Rakhis. These also come in multifarious colors and shapes. To send such Rakhis abroad, you will have to spend between US $10 to US $ 150 depending upon the kind of Rakhi you are sending.

Stone Rakhis, Beaded Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis and not to forget the jewelry Rakhis would surely add to the elegance of your elder brother's wrist. If your brother's age is thirty and above, the aforementioned types of Rakhis are apt for him. Gift him a Rakhi that he would cherish life long. To send one of these Rakhis along with a Rakhi Thali abroad, the price range is same as that of the previous one.

Rakhi shopping is very dear to the sisters as they very dedicatedly go from shop to shop to find a perfect Rakhi for their beloved brother. Some of them make Rakhi on their own instead of buying it from the market. Where girls are busy selecting the best Rakhi for their brothers, the men too want to pamper their sisters with the perfect gift to fill the celebrations with the colors of love. Such is the spirit of the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

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