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Rakhi Thread

Traditionally, simple threads were tied by the sisters to their brothers. It is the same which is used in Hindu Prayer rituals and is a must to be tied around the wrist during the ceremony. A mauli is a red colored sacred thread with a dash of yellow.
Nowadays, the same mauli has been jazzed up to suit the modern temperament. The existing trends show myriad varieties of Rakhis available in the market. Rakhi Threads, come in wide range of colors, shades and material. There are silk threads, gold threads as well as silver threads.
Rakhi threads look no less stunning than other kinds of Rakhis. Be it a silk thread, gold thread or silver thread, all come adorned with sandalwood beads and other scintillating stones. They look elegant as well as traditional and therefore, make best Rakhi option for your brothers who are in their middle ages.

Not only they are accessible in the beaded form but they come with the images of your favorite deities fixed onto it. Beautified with glitters, sparkles and other colorful stones, the grace of the Rakhi thread is doubled. Rakhi threads are very convenient due to their compact size to send far away to your brother along with a greeting card or a letter. A greeting card along with a Rakhi thread attached to it comes in around US $1 to US $10. If you wish to send a Rakhi thread abroad, it will cost you around US $3 to US $15.

You can make a Rakhi thread on your own too by the steps we provide to you with. Rakhi threads are very simple to be made at home. To make a Rakhi thread, you need the following items:

1.Silk Thread of any color of your choice.
2.Beads or stones.

Weave the silk thread like a plait. Before weaving put beads of your choice and in the beautiful design in the middle of the silk thread. As soon as you complete the weaving of the thread, tie it from both the ends with the same thread so that it is strongly held together. Your Rakhi thread is all ready to add grace to your brother's wrist.

Raksha Bandhan is a festival when both brothers as well as sisters pay tribute to each other in their own way. While Girls tie a beautiful Rakhi and invoke the Almighty's blessings for their brother, the boys present them with various gifts and take the vow of protecting them all their life. Rakhi is the witness of their love and affection for each other.

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