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Raksha Bandhan Around the World

Raksha Bandhan is better known as the festival epitomizing the love relationship between a brother and a sister. This is the very reason why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with much fervor in India and even around the world. The rakhi thread decked with the pious love of brother and sister truly brings out the beauty of this exquisite relationship. According to the Indian beliefs, this rakhi thread is even more stronger than iron chains that can never be broken.

The customs and traditions of Raksha Bandhan around the world are more or less the same but the only difference remains in the style of celebrations. Raksha Bandhan is considered to be an important Hindu festivals and thus the Hindus residing in any part of the wold try to make this festival all the more special. Though the real essence of the Rakhi festival can be enjoyed in India, but nowadays the Indians residing in different parts of the world also try to celebrate this festival with much joy and fervor.

Nowadays special organizations are also being created in foreign lands that help the Indians residing their to celebrate the Rakhsa Bandhan with great enthusiasm. So whether it is Raksha bandhan in Australia, in UK, in US or any part of the world, the Rakhi celebrations truly bring forward the real beauty of the brother and the sister.

So come, hold the hands of whenisrakhi to know more about the celebrations of rakhi around the world and enjoy the flavor of this beauiful festival.

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