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Raksha Bandhan In U.S

Rakhi is one of the major Hindu festival symbolizing the emotional bond of love between a sister and a brother. The pious relationship of brother and sister holds so much importance in Hindu religion that an entire day of Rakhi is devoted to them. On this day sisters and brothers try to spend some quality time with each other no matter in what area of the world they reside. Though Rakha Bandhan celebrations can be enjoyed in India majorly but nowadays even the Indians residing in foreign lands also try to celebrate it with much fervor.

One of the countries where one can view the Rakhi celebrations in full gaiety is U.S. In recent years the Indians have made their strong community in U.S. As a result many Indian festivals are getting recognition in U.S and one such festival is Raksha Bandhan. The celebrations of Raksha Bandhan in United States have in fact become a perfect chance for the Indians who are living there to get close to their motherland and the traditions.

There is not much difference in the way Raksha Bandhan is celbrated in india or in U.S. The day starts with the Rakhi Puja in which both the brother and sister have to take part. The Rakhi puja starts with the sister applying a tilak on the brother's forehead, tying a rakhi on his wrist and wishing for his long life. The brother in return bestows the sister with some exquisite rakhi gifts. These gifts are a way of saying that the brother would always be there for the sister whenever she would need him.

For those who have their brothers and sisters living in U.S., this is the perfect occasion to get close to them. Though the distance is great but one can always reach their siblings residing in U.S. with the help of beautiful rakhi gifts, sweet Raksha Bandhan messages and Rakhi greetings. These different measures will make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations all the more special no matter how far your brother or sister is.

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