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Raksha Bandhan In Mumbai

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by the name of 'Nariyal Purnima' in the Western parts of India, especially in Mumbai. This special day is celebrated mostly by the fishing tribes as it initiates a new season for them. Raksha Bandhan in Mumbai or ' Nariyal Purnima' thus holds much importance for the fishing community. Nariyal Purnima is basically celebrated on the same day as Rakhi Purnima that is on the full moon Sharaavan day.

This day is also celebrated by offering prayers to Lord Varuna for invoking His blessings. Special offers of coconut are made to Lord Varuna and hence the festival is known by the name of 'Nariyal Purnima'. As a part of the Rakhi rituals, coconuts are thrown into the sea as offerings to Lord Varuna. As the coconut possess three eyes, it is regarded as the perfect symbol of Lord Shiva and on this particular day is offered to Him.

Some people also regard this day to be the perfect occasion to ask God for the forgiveness for their past sins. This ceremony of asking for forgiveness is known by the name of Pavitropana. During this ceremony, some pious cotton threads are drenched in the mixture of milk, cow ghee and curd and then is tied around the Shivalinga.

Grand celebrations are arranged at the time of Nariyal Purnima in Mumbai; in fact people look forward to the end of the monsoon season and the initiating of the fishing season. The day brings along much joy and fervor for the residents of Mumbai and event the tourists who take along many colorful memories of this festival with them.Colorful dance shows are organized by the sea shores as a part of Nariyal Purnima celebrations in mumbai. Special sweets like coconut barfis are made and distributed among the people and women apply kumkum on each other's foreheads as a symbol of prosperity.

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