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Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

Every festival celebrated in India has itís own meaning and on the similar lines the festival of Raksha Bandhan also has a meaning. This festival of rakhi is a special occasion dedicated to the brothers and sisters who share the pious relation of love and belief between them.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan falls on the Shravan Purnima that is the full moon day generally in the month of August. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a promise between brother and sister to further strengthen this pious bond of love. It is a pledge among the two to take care of each other and sisters also pray for the long life of their brothers. Thereby Raksha Bandhan means a bond of protection.

The most important part of the Raksha Bandhan is the celebrations of this festival that involves tying of a Rakhi. This rakhi is not a simple thread but it is a thread that keeps the brother and sister connected to each other. A thread full of sisterís love and affection that is tied on the right hand of brother praying for his long life. Brothers in turn promise to look after their sisters and present them with rakhi gifts.

The festival of rakhi has a number of believes associated with it among people and several traditions and customs are also followed to celebrate this festival. A number of legends are also associated with the festival of Raksha Bandhan that helps us to trace the history behind the meaning and celebration of this festival.

The celebrations of rakhi are generally the same as it follows the tradition of tying a rakhi on the right hand of brothers and doing the tikka also. Puja thali is prepared by sisters to do the aarti tikka of their brothers and then tie a rakhi. Brothers and sisters do-not eat anything since morning and once sisters tie rakhi to their brothers then they are served with delicious eatables and sweets. All the family members who have gathered to celebrate this occasion of Raksha Bandhan further mark the occasion.

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