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Origin of Raksha Bandhan

The origin of Raksha Bandhan can be traced back to the Indian mythologies that tell about many legend associated with Raksha Bandhan. There are many legends in the Indian history also that can be credited with the origin of Raksha Bandhan. Thus the festival of Raksha Bandhan has it's roots both in the historical as well as the mythological stories.

As per the Hindu mythology, one day Lord Vishnu left His abode in order to help and protect King Bali and his kingdom from the demons. Goddess Lakshmi, on the other and wanted to remain with Her husband, Lord Vishnu. Thus She took the disguise of a Brahman woman and went to King Bali asking for shelter. King Bali readily agreed and gave shelter to Her. On the day of Shravan Purnima, Goddess Lakshmi revealed the truth to King Bali and tied a rakhi thread on his wrist.

King Bali was much touched by this act and promised the Goddess to always help Her in whatever way he could. Since then the tradition of tying the rakhi thread got associated with the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Another legend talks about the war that took place between Gods and the demons. During the war the demons as led by King Brutra were on the verge of getting victory. Thus Lord Indra, approached Guru Brihaspati and asked for his help. Brihaspati gave a thread empowered with some strong chants to Lord Indra and asked him to tie it around his wrist. Lord Indra's wife Indrani, got the thread and tied it around her husband's wrist before he went for the war. The thread helped the Gods to win the war and since then the festival of Raksha Bandhan got famous.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan also gets a mention in the tale of Mahabharata. During the war of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna gave an advice to Yudhistir to perform a ceremony in order to protect himself from the enemies. Thus Kunti, Yudhistir's mother tied the thread of rakhi on her grandson's wrist and Draupadi ties a rakhi on Lord Krishna as per the ceremony's tradition.

Raksha Bandhan also gets a mention in the Indian history as it is said that during the times of war, the Rajput queens used to send rakhi threads to the mughal emperors. These mughal emperors in turn used to promise them the protection and shelter.

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