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Regional festivals On Shravan Purnima

There are several festivals held during the month of Shravana. These regional festivals on Shravan Purnima are celebrated all across the country with a lot on enthusiasm and true devotion. It is the time of celebrations and festivity. But, before attempting to know all about the Regional festivals On Shravan Purnima, let us first understand a little but about the Shravana month.

Shravana is a month of the Hindu calendar, which roughly falls during July August. The month generally begins during the new moon or full moon as pertaining to the lunar calender or with the sun's entry into cancer according to the solar calender. The Tamil Calender celebrates this month during August to September period, i.e. , the period of Avani. On Purnima (full moon day), or during the course of the month the star 'Shravan' rules the sky, hence the month is called Shravana.
This month is considered very auspicious and full of blessings. As a result, several important festivals are celebrated in this month, such as Ganesha Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Naga panchami, Avani Avittam, Shraavan Poornima, Raksha Bandhan etc. This is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmasa. Almost all the days of this month are considered auspicious.

Purnima (full moon night) is considered to the most sacred day of the month. Several festivals are held on this particular day throughout India. While North India celebrates Raksha Bandhan, South India celebrates Avani Avittam. Similarly West India celebrates Nariyal Purnima, and Central India celebrates festivals like Pavitropana and Kajri Purnima.

The essence of celebrations and festivity crowd the entire month of Shravana. Purnima being the night of full moon, Gods and Goddesses bestow special blessings on their devotees and people with pure heart. This day is celebrated in its unique manner, dipped in the flavors of different cultures in various regions of India. Almost every state has special region festival on the occasion of Shravan Purnima. Know more about these festivals in our subsequent pages.
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