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Kajri Purnima

Sharavan Purnima holds a special significance in central parts of India such as Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkand and Bihar. This day is celebrated as Kajri Purnima mainly by the farmers. In the Bundelkhandi-speaking areas, only women blessed with son observe this festival.

Celebrated on the same day as that of Raksha Bandhan, this day is extremely important as it signifies the beginning of sowing season. Farmers in the Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh etc, usually harvest barley and wheat, which are the major cereals of India. On this occasion people worship Goddess Bhagwati (Goddess of Prosperity) and pray for good crops. The preparation of the festival start on the ninth day after the Kajri Amavasya (no moon), and the ninth day is therefore known as Kajri Navami (ninth day).
The rituals of this festival can be carried out only by women who have conceived a son. The celebrations and rituals begin from Kajari Navami till the Kajari Purnima, i.e., the full moon day. They rituals go on for about five days.

Nine days before Kajri Navami, the farmerís wives go the fields and bring home a fistful of earth in conical cups made of leaf. Wheat or barley is sown in it and kept in a dark room which is free from moisture and fresh air. But the room is disinfected with mud and cow dung beforehand. One part of the wall is coated with cow dung and designs such as figures of a house, a child in cradle, a mongoose and a woman with a pitcher are drawn with rice solutions. Thereafter this cup is worshiped daily. These paintings and figures are washed on Kajri Navami.

Finally on Kajri Purnima, the woman carry the conical cups on their heads and chant the songs of worship where the cups are eventually immersed. They offer prayers for the long life and protection of their sons.

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