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Pavitropana is celebrated by the Gujaratis on the the very same day of Rakhi Purnima, in the month of Shravana. According to the legend, the Gujaratis are great devotees of Lord Shiva. On this day, they offer prayers to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. It is said that whoever, prays to him on this auspicious day, all his past sins are forgiven.

On the eve of Shravan Purnima, a few twisted filaments of cotton is soaked in Panchagaivya (a mixture of cow's ghee, milk, curd, urine and excreta) and then fastened around the Shivalinga. According to Hindu mythology, cow is considered sacred animal and hence, the cotton is purified in Panchagaivya. Therefore, those who tie this sacred thread around the Shivalinga, all his sins are purified and cleansed.
The festival of Pavitropana has also been referred to as Putrada Ekadashi in Bhavishya Purana*. In this particular Purana, Lord Krishna narrates the story of how the Ekadashi in the month of Shravana came to be sacred. He states,“At the dawn of Dvarpara-yuga there lived a king by the name of Mahijita, who ruled the kingdom of Mahismati-puri. Because he had no son, his entire kingdom seemed utterly cheerless to him. A married man who has no son gains no happiness in this life or the next.” The King tried hard to beget children and continue his lineage. But it seemed that Lady Luck had turned against the king. As years progressed, he became anxious and called for an assembly of advisors. He told them, that never had he committed any sin or did anything wrong to anyone and always protected his subjects. Yet the Gods have not blessed him and the kingdom with a son. He asked everyone to find out the reason for this.

The advisors took the matter to a sage named Lomasa Rishi. His senses were completely under control, he had conquered his anger, and he was expert at performing his occupational duty. He knew all past, present, and future. All the king’s advisers happily approached him one by one to offer their humble respects. Lomasa Rishi woke up from his meditation and asked them to narrate their problem. The advisors poured their sorrows and asked “How our kind king can obtain a son” ?

Lomasa Rishi absorbed himself in deep meditation for a moment and at once understood the king’s previous life. Then he told them that the king was a merchant in his past life, and had committed sinful deeds. Once, at noon on the day after the Ekadashi, the merchant was very thirsty. He came upon a beautiful pond on the outskirts of a village, but just as he was about to drink at the pond a cow arrived there with her new-born calf. These two creatures were also very thirsty because of the heat, but when the cow and calf started to drink, the merchant rudely shoved them aside and selfishly slaked his own thirst. This offense against a cow and her calf has resulted in the king’s being without a son now.

Lomasa Rishi suggested that on the eve of Ekadashi called Putrada, in the month of Shravana, all of King's subjects and the king himself should fast and stay awake all night. All the problems would be solved if they observe this Ekadashi strictly offer the merits gained from this fast to the king. The king and his kingdom did as told and eventually the queen became pregnant and bore a son.

Thus concluded Krishna his story on Putrada Ekadashi and said, whoever obsevers Putrada Ekadashi or Pavitropana, becomes free of all his sins.

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